Thursday, 17 February 2011

Peugeot 306

Sorry that the pictures have slowed down a bit - as I say every time the collection is dwindling! But I'd like to say a big thanks to everyone who is following and generating interest for me so I have set up another blog. It's all about stand up comedy and it doesn't require a 0.1% chance of me driving past a specific car!

Well I've written a short piece about Dave Chapelle and there is certainly more where that (short piece) came from.

Anyway, here's a Peugeot 306 to get you through the weekend. On Monday I shall hopefully have some good news as I will be hanging out in car parks ;)


  1. Why is it always the last three alphanumeric characters that are LOL?

  2. Ivan, it's just how we do it over here...

    In my lifetime we started with X111XXX (X was any letter and 1 any number) and since year 2000 we've hit XX11XXX where XX was where the car was built, 11 was the year it was made and XXX was the only unique bit!

    Either way the only way LOL would occur is through three consecutive letters - at the end.

  3. LOL cars are always

  4. LOL you must drive around a lot.